IFS therapy is particularly effective for healing both shock and complex trauma.

Its effectiveness lies in its compassionate and completely respectful approach. 
IFS recognises that all traumatized parts of us will have very strong defenses, or protectors, that have helped us manage the overwhelming emotions of the traumatized parts for a very long time. IFS understands that we cannot function without our protectors until we have found another way to hold and heal the traumatized parts. So it is always completely respectful of our protectors, never trying to push past or override them, always hearing and respecting their concerns, and only inviting them to soften when they themselves are ready.

IFS also recognizes that the emotions held by the traumatized inner children, or exiles, can be absolutely overwhelming. We literally fear we could drown and disappear in their flood of feelings.

Since we cannot heal when we are overwhelmed, IFS has a number of methods that ensure that we get to know the traumatized exiles slowly and safely, taking as much time as needed to connect with, understand and heal the exiles. 
It may take many visits, but eventually the exiles feel securely loved and held, which is the holding they actually needed at the time of the traumatic events, and are able to relax back into their original state of openness, playfulness and joy. Then the protectors, no longer needed as defenses, can morph into true helpers for our lives.

In this gentle, methodical, safe and effective way, our trauma is healed and we find the freedom to get on with the life that we have always wanted.