We hear a lot about trauma these days, especially around ongoing discoveries in the last two decades of widespread sexual abuse of children in various religious and care institutions. abuse almost always causes trauma.

Trauma can also arise from a number of other life events, such as physical and emotional abuse, bullying, hospitalizations, medical procedures, accidents, death of a parent, abandonment by a parent, long-term disrupted bonding with parents, or parents who are emotionally absent, emotionally intrusive, highly critical or otherwise not accepting, valuing or respectful of who you uniquely are.

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You may be wondering if you have been traumatized in some way. This can be an extremely confronting question, and I would like to suggest that you be kind and gentle with yourself as you explore this possibility. Only read as much of the material on this site as you can at any one time, and stop if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed in any way. If you do run into emotional difficulties while reading this site, please feel free to contact me for support and advice.

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When we become aware that we may have been traumatized, we can wonder if it is possible to heal. The answer is a resounding “Yes”. Many people have found great relief of their symptoms using various therapies, including IFS, that address the particular needs of recovering from trauma.

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