We are both psychological and spiritual beings.

Spirit is actually the foundation of who we are, and the ultimate healer of all our suffering. Yet much of the time we are not conscious of our own deepest, spiritual nature. However, spirit is always willing to be there for us, and shows up to support us in many ways that often we do not notice.

Spirit is always present in some form or another whenever I work with my clients. 
Frequently it shows up as a sense of “being here now” – simply allowing me to be here with my clients in a way that is open, accepting, loving and grounded. And it usually shows up for my clients too, supporting them to bring a new approach of compassion, interest and understanding to difficult places that have always been rejected.

The Diamond Approach to Self Realization is the spiritual teaching that helps me align consciously with spirit during work with my clients. This  teaching is unique in recognising that spirit can appear in a multitude of different forms and dimensions. 
My experience with the Diamond Approach allows me to see when it is present as one of is multitudinous forms, and how to recognise and support it when it arises in my clients.

This teaching also helps me understand that the Self of IFS is in fact an expression of spirit, and as such, has access to an infinite number of qualities and capacities. So when qualities of spirit arise that are beyond what we usually consider Self to be, I recognise them simply as less-usual aspects of Self that are now available for even deeper healing.

IFS opens the door for spirit, and the Diamond Approach teachings allows it to enter the room in conscious and healing ways. It is an enormous support for the IFS therapy framework that I use in my work.

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