My Approach

My work as a therapist is based around the principles and practice of Internal Family Systems therapy. 
I do this because IFS is everything that I consider an ideal system of therapy should be. It is completely respectful and profoundly compassionate. It is very simple, yet very effective. It understands deeply how we are put together, and what it is that unwinds and heals us. It easily deepens into the realm of spirit if that’s where we are moved to go. And over time, it naturally teaches us how to be our own inner healer.

Total acceptance

Total acceptance and compassion for all parts of us are built into the IFS system—it is completely non-judgmental, even towards the parts of us that have judgments. It is also absolutely respectful of all our defenses, always discovering what their positive protective intention is, and never trying to push past them.

How healing happens

In therapy, what heals us is being able to relax into a safe holding space of connectedness, loving interest and compassion. Within that kind of space we can come to understand, and then to heal, the wounded parts of ourselves. We can also learn how to cultivate those qualities in ourselves, eventually becoming our own healer. IFS provides all of this.

Integrating spirit

While IFS can be practiced as a complete system of healing, as a therapist I also blend into IFS the understandings that come from my own spiritual practice, the Diamond Approach. The two systems are remarkably compatible, and I find that for me, the Diamond Approach forms a deep, unseen foundation for the psychological work of IFS. It also helps me recognise, invite, work with and expand various aspects of spirit when they appear in the course of therapy.

The best therapy

I aim to provide the best therapy possible by creating a safe place where I give the particular caring that YOU need, caring that actually heals YOUR inner difficulties, wounds and issues, allowing you to live with more freedom, success, ease, harmony and contentment.

FREE: Getting to know you session

To help you decide if you would like to work with me as your therapist, I offer a free 20-30 minute online introductory session. You can ask me whatever questions you have, share your goals for change, ensure that I am a good match for you, and check that you are comfortable working remotely.