A Varied Life

Persephone MaywaldPersephone’s broad life experience is her personal foundation as a therapist. It has given her a great deal of direct understanding of what it is to be human, and what it is to have our all-too-human emotional difficulties. It has also given her a great deal of compassion for the ways that we suffer, and a deep understanding of the best ways to heal.

She has made her home in both Australia and the United States, both country and city, both the provincial and the cosmopolitan. As a child she grew up in a small, remote farming community in South Australia. She later graduated from the University of Adelaide, worked as a school psychologist, and eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

A spiritual journey

It was there that she discovered the Diamond Approach, the psychospiritual work that creates a deep holding for both her own inner journey and her work as a therapist. She has continued this work ever since.

A trauma journey

Through this inner work, she became aware that despite a childhood that had appeared uneventful on the surface, she had suffered significant early trauma. The journey of getting to understand her trauma from the inside out, uncovering and healing it, has been an epic undertaking and an absolutely invaluable basis for working with the trauma of others.

Becoming a therapist

After raising her daughter as a single parent, she earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and began work as a therapist in California. It was there that she brought together her understanding of both trauma and spirit, and began to develop her unique skills as a therapist.

Embracing IFS

Shortly after beginning her work as a therapist, she discovered Internal Family Systems therapy, and over several years, completed extensive IFS training. Finding IFS was the fulfillment of her longtime dream to find an effective method of therapy that would embrace everything she had come to understand about emotional and spiritual healing. With IFS she found a deep knowledge of how wounding and trauma manifest within us, an understanding that compassion and love for our wounded parts is what heals us, and that our own Self, as it channels the qualities of spirit, is our own personal healer.

Continuing on

Persephone now lives in far Northern California, and continues to do her own inner work using both IFS and the Diamond Approach with the conviction that the more she understands her own inner landscape, both psychological and spiritual, the better guide and therapist she can be for you. She feels deeply honoured to be able to work as a therapist and to help others in their healing journey.