Compassionate IFS Therapy for Childhood Trauma

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Why choose Persephone?

Work with a highly qualified and experienced therapist – Persephone is a licensed psychologist with two decades of experience working with complex trauma. Her lifetime meditation practice supports her sensitivity, skill and depth as an IFS therapist.

Benefit from a highly effective therapy method – Persephone uses IFS, a form of therapy that is extremely effective for healing the emotional issues that are part of complex trauma. IFS is also particularly suited to online work.

Experience deep caring and complete acceptance – Persephone radiates an abundance of kindness, compassion and acceptance whatever your issues may be.

Persephone Maywald

It’s rare to find a therapist who, in just a few words, can make you feel completely seen. Rarer still is one who, with precise clarity and timing, can offer an insight which changes everything, and sets you free. Persephone is one of these rare souls. Her compassion, patience and respectful nature are ever present; as is her willingness to journey to even those most wounded places which hold us back from being all that we can be. The gifts of her vision and depth of perception invite the truth to where it is most needed, facilitating deep healing. Persephone is a midwife of souls.

Get help for:

Trauma and abuse – Growing up with distant, avoidant parents, over-involved invasive parents; parents who are abusive, addicted or mentally ill; childhood sexual abuse; traumatic events, accidents or medical trauma.

Difficult or overwhelming emotions – Anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thinking; depression, grief, hurt, sadness; frustration, anger; loneliness, isolation; low self-esteem, shame, worthlessness, social anxiety; lack of life direction or enjoyment of life.

Relationship issues – Inability to maintain a relationship, fear of closeness, fear of abandonment, difficult communication, abusiveness, unwarranted anger.

Spiritual issues – Inability to access your spiritual self, confusion around unexplained spiritual events, difficulty in finding your ground, support and spiritual help.

Why online therapy?

Online therapy works – Studies show that online is at least as effective as face-to-face therapy. For trauma survivors, it may be even more effective as it’s available in the safe space of your own home.

Saves precious time and energy – No more stressful, time consuming drives to your therapist’s office.

Affordable – You generally pay less than for in-person therapy.

Always completely confidential – We work with the security of a Zoom interface, professional confidentiality is always maintained, and your sessions are never shared with anyone.

Connect with Persephone

For more information, or if you already know that you’re interested in working with Persephone, please contact her. Even if she does not have immediate availability, she will always respond to you.

Persephone is an experienced therapist who has developed her approach over a lifetime of practice as a psychologist, therapist, counsellor, meditator and therapy client. She specializes in IFS Therapy for the healing of complex childhood trauma, and her work is always informed by her awareness of spirit.

The personal qualities she brings to you are kindness, compassion, acceptance, sensitivity and clarity, and as an abuse survivor she brings deep personal insight into the ways that emotional healing happens.

Her professional qualifications: M.A.Counseling Psychology, JFKU California: Registered Psychologist, Australia; extensively trained in IFS therapy.
Persephone lives on the far north coast of California, and is available for online therapy with clients around the world.